Sunday, June 7, 2015

This Post is Three Years in the Making....

Three years since I darken my cutie patootie little blog that I love so much.....

I can't believe that it has been three whole years.  Geeze Louise, what is wrong with me?

So, not much has happened in three years, same 'ol stuff, same husband and three boys and my little Mantastic Chihuahua, Higgins.....

YEAH RIGHT!  Everything has happened and changed in three years!

My husband Jeremy is the usual animal that he always has been!!  But I love him more and more each day.  This year mark 24 years of marriage for us and I am so super proud of that!  Okay let me get real, some days, I would like to wrap my fingers around his neck and strangle him until he turns blue, release my fingers and then squeeze again,  But don't we all have visions of doing that?  No?  Okay, me either!  Just joking!

My oldest son, DJ, amazes me everyday because he no longer a fresh out of high school kid, he is a huge adult, with huge adult life things and a huge adult life.  Crazy.  How do I have a child that is almost 23 years old.....I am only 22, how can this be?!?!

My middle son, Bradley....are you waiting for also an adult, with a huge adult life AND HE IS MARRIED!!!  He sprung a very quick, "Hey we are getting married Friday, you want to be there?" December 22, 2014, we welcomed into the family a Daughter in Love!!

Our youngest son,  Joey, who turned 17 this year has a job....AND A CAR that he saved his money for and drives everyday with such honor and pride...A car that is newer than mine!  WAIT a MINUTE.....I just typed this, so it must be true, My baby is 17 years old........Does this mean that I am getting old????

Here is the most recent picture of my boys that was taken on Mother's Day.  I laugh each time I look at it because their faces and the saying on their shirts match them to a T....

And here is a picture of my middle with our daughter in Love...

Higgins is still a Handsome Mantastic mama's boy....of course, here is a picture of him....

And like we needed another mouth to feed, we gave Higgins (which he still is not happy about) a little brother on Christmas Eve 2013, and his name is Niles.....

We said good by to our precious Abby-Baby May 21, 2013 and to be honest, it was one of my hardest days.  She was was born May 1, 1995 and was a huge part of our family for a little over 18 years.  She will always be a huge part of my heart!

So yeah, that about sums up, a very quick sums up, the past three years!  

I would love to say that I will be back tomorrow and talk a little more about my crazy life, but let's be honest.....I just took a THREE YEAR HIATUS!  But, you never know, I have so much crazy swishing around in my brain at any given moment, that I just might blog again tonight!  HA!

AND, let me be honest, just one more time.....I highly doubt anyone is out there, waiting with big anticipation for me to blog.....I really don't have anything really exciting to say anyways....just to be honest and all!

So, just for grins and giggles, if you are reading this, leave a comment and let me know you are still around cause I have been away for a bit and have no idea!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Busy Couple Of Days

I just got back last night from a super busy, high energy, action packed two days with  55 teenagers!!  Yikes!! 

I went to Six Flags with our youth group and had a blast!! 

My only complaint…I am not as young I as feel!  HA!!  I rode all the roller coasters at least once and some as many as 5 times!  Believe me, there are a lot of roller coasters there…I think 9 and then there is the sky fall thing that I rode!!  So if my calculations are correct, I rode some sort of roller coaster 16 times…no wonder I am worn out!

Monday night, I was laying in the hotel bed and the room was spinning!!  I laid there praying that I would fall hard asleep and when I woke up that I would be back on firm ground!  Luckily, when I woke up, I was good to go!! 

Yesterday we spent the day at White Waters and I spent my day floating around the Lazy River…what a great way to recoup from the day before!!

It’s hard to have a camera at a theme park and a water park, so I didn’t get any good pictures!  However, I did bring my dog back a Super-Dog cape!  HA!!  So cute!!


Watch out world…here comes a very Mantastic Super Dog to save the day!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day

Today was a huge Father’s Day celebration.  Everyone came over so it was like the old days with all three boys accounted for! 

I had the rare opportunity to grab a picture of all my loves!!   

Trust me, this was one of many pictures that I took…it’s hard to get everyone to look, smile and act normal at one time!!


Happy Father’s Day Jeremy!  We love you!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Phone Call From My Mom-In-Law

My mother-in-love made a phone call today….to me.  She asked me to please blog….Hi mom!  I am blogging!  She was belly-aching  saying that she needed something to read, she must be really desperate needing to hear from me more often!

To be quite honest I have tons to blog about, but really hated the watchful eye that came from my family members on what I blog about.  I told my husband that I was done blogging…well not really, Higgins my dog blogs, so I live viciously through him! 

Anyhoos, I have missed my friends and I think my mom-in-law has missed me, so here I am!  Who cares what people say, it’s me and my soap box…kinda….so I am back!!  Teehee!

So to all my reader that I hope I still have, not likely…so to my mom-in-law, here goes!

So what has been going on since February…WOW…a whole four months???  There has been lots!!  I will hit the highlights…

Since the summer is back, I have been living again on the front porch.  I love my front porch!  I was almost giddy this year as I set out removing the cobwebs from the winter months and planting plants again.  I managed to keep the ferns alive through the winter months and this year they are HUGE!! 

IMG_7460 IMG_7461

The humming birds are also back, and it has been a never ending battle keeping their feeders filled! Oh yeah, this little guy flew into the house and I had to rescue him!! How cute!


The next big thing that happened in these few months is our middle son Bradley graduated high school.  Not only has he finished high school, he also got a full time job and has moved out.  How tough it was on this mama!  He is truly a mama’s boy and I didn’t think I would miss him being here everyday, but I do!  Of course, the hubby never missed a beat, so when our last son moves out, it will hit him like a bulldozer and I will be there snickering!  Who am I kidding, I will be a big mess too!  HA!

Bradley Grad 1 redo for printing copy

Now having gone to a family of five all the way down to a family of three, Joey, our youngest did not waste anytime claiming Bradley’s room!  So we have started the upstairs project of re-painting and redoing rooms!  Joey’s room is now Bradley’s old room and went from this brown color….


to this grey color!

IMG_7366 IMG_7392 IMG_7396 IMG_7401 IMG_7402 IMG_7403

Joey also moved into his room with the what used to be the shared flat screen TV, xBox and our huge bean bag!  He is really loving this being the only child thing and took full advantage of it!! 

We are also in the process of re-doing Joeys old room and making it a true guest bedroom.  Oh yeah, the bonus room where the TV, xBox and bean bag used to reside, is now going to be my craft room!!  Goodie!!  I have tons of ideas and can’t wait to get busy working on it!

Well, I think that is a good jumping off point back into blogging!  I will make a promise to blog more and not wait a whole four months to show back up.  There is lots going on around our home and with me so I look forward to sharing again!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012



transitive verb

1: to give little attention or respect to : disregard

2: to leave undone or unattended to especially through carelessness

ne·glect·er noun

Examples of NEGLECT

  1. My Blog
  2. Blogging
  3. Visiting My Blogging Friends

I am a neglecter.  I have fallen off the face of the blogging world and I feel terrible about it.  I can’t seem to find anything to talk about.  Well actually, I have things to talk about, I should rephrase.  I am having trouble finding things to talk about on my blog, for others to read.  I think that is the better way to put it.

I could talk about my life like I used to, but I am sure that it would bore you to pieces.  There are monumental things going on in our household that I could captivate you with, but I can’t really share those things on my blog.  I have to exercise privacy and I don’t like doing that.  I like being free and uncensored to tell the world what I think, but I am held back by the fear of others and their stupid judgment! 

It’s sad when my dog has way more to say on a blog than I do, but at the moment that seems to be the case!

I can say that I miss you. Please hang in there and hopefully soon I will be back into full swing of my personal blogging frenzy that I love and adore!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Lived By Me

I have been living life, maybe not to the fullest, but living it!  Things that have kept me consumed as of late…in bullet form!

  • I read The Hunger Games Series.  All three books in three days.  Yep, I liked them!  Can you tell??
  • Not doing laundry.  How can you do laundry when your nose in buried in books?  I was forced to start on the mountain loads of dirty clothes that covered our laundry room floor yesterday.  OH MY!  Your family runs out of clean underwear and they think its worse than a nuclear disaster. It’s underwear guys…when did boys start getting concerned about clean underwear??
  • Staring at dirty dishes.  It’s an art to stare them down and not actually put them in the dishwasher.  I was trying to make them fear my evil glare…it didn't work, as of this morning they are still sitting there.  Hubby asked why I didn't clean the kitchen last night. I told him that I was trying out for the show Hoarders.  He has no sense of humor.  I will do dishes today. {sigh}
  • Having a contest with the Christmas decorations.  The first one to get into, or put them into, the Rubbermaid totes, WINS!  Right now, no one is winning.  Go figure.
  • Couponing.  It’s the most constructive thing I have done this week!!  I have purchased papers the last two Sundays, SERVERAL PAPERS!  I have cut, organized and made a notebook of coupons.  I, by no means, want to become an extreme couponer but I do want to get some stuff for free or next to free!  I am tired of paying for toothpaste and toilet paper!  I still don’t how they do it, but I am going to give it a try!

Hmm, that about covers my life as of late.  Exciting huh? 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

If My Body Was A Car

If My Body Was a Car, by Maxine
This is just too funny - scary how true it is!!maxine-my body


If  my body was a car, this is the time I would be thinking about trading it in for a newer model.

I've got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull ...But that's not the worst of it.

My headlights are out of focus and it's especially hard to see things up close.

My traction is not as graceful as it once was.

I slip and slide and skid and bump into things even in the best of weather.

My whitewalls are stained with varicose veins.

It takes me hours to reach my maximum speed.

My fuel rate burns inefficiently.

But here's the worst of it --

Almost every time I sneeze, cough or sputter,

either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Bye Old Friend

Piggly Wiggly. 

Our small town grocery store. 

We didn’t frequent you every week, because we are poor and your prices were so high.

Still, I am so sad that you are leaving us.


Our Piggly Wiggly is no more.  On December 31st when the owners closed the doors, they handed over the keys to the new owners.

It hurts that this small town icon will cease to exist.  There is just something about Piggly Wiggly that brings me joy.  Not the prices.

Maybe it was the small store atmosphere, or seeing the same cashier and bag boy each time we went in or maybe it’s just because it is The Pig, as we like to call it!

I’m sad that the Pig has left our small town.


Good bye Piggly Wiggly…

hello Save-a-Lots…


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Yeah, It’s 2012

I think I almost forgot it was a new year.  Life has been crazy the past week or so and it seems that one day has flowed quickly into the next day.  My husband has worked straight through the weekend and the New Year holiday that I don’t think either one of us really felt the excitement of the new year.  Needless to say, since the hubby worked, we brought the new year in the old fashion way, sleeping!  I am sure we celebrated the new years in our dreams!

Of course, with a new year brings in all the resolutions.  I didn’t make anything year.  On December 31st I realized that I did not lose 50 pounds that I promised on January 1, 2011 that I would, so I decided that I would do it in one day.  By noon on News Year Eve when I realized that I once again did not succeed in my 2011 resolution, why make another one that I would fail at.  HA!

Of course, I have things I want to accomplish this year, I just don’t want the added pressure of a resolution to do so.  I want to get healthy, I want to get through the entire Bible in just one year, I want to blog everyday, I want to wake up to a clean kitchen sink….speaking of clean kitchen sinks…did anyone watch Hoarders: Buried Alive Sunday night??  That will get your butt in gear to have a clean kitchen sink every night!  HA!

So with it being the 3rd of January, I am here to say, welcome 2012!  Yeah I’m behind celebrating your arrival, get used to it, that’s how I roll! 

I hope that your new year stated off with a bang and I wish you well on any resolutions that you made! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Are Getting Old!!

I got a puzzle for Christmas because I thought it would be a great family thing to do. 

Sadly I woke up with a a terrible ear ache on Christmas day, so we waited until Monday to start working on it!  I don’t think the kids were impressed.  They put in a couple of pieces and made fun of us cause we were kinda of excited about it.  After a while I got a great idea and turned on some 80’s music!  Of course, me and the hubby started singing along to the songs…together….That’s when our middle son rolled his eyes and called us old.  Bradley and Joey quickly left for town to spend Christmas money.


We could not help but to laugh ourselves silly!!     NOW, we know how to get rid of the teenagers for a few hours….break out a puzzle and turn the 80’s music up loud!  We listen to 4 hours of different songs from the 80’s and it was fantastic!!  HA!


I guess we have officially made it to “that” stage of life….OLD!!!  {{{SIGH}}}