Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Lofthouse Sugar Cookies

Have you tried these wonderfully, decadent, thigh-thickening, butt-busting, no longer able to button your pants, 180 calories per one cookie, pure yumminess yet???

If not, you need to stop and smell the sugar!!

These bad boys are so soft, so incredibly delicious that they melt in your mouth, almost like cotton candy and hot Krispy Creams combined! It is so hard to just eat one!

Then after you read the nutrition facts, you'll fall to the floor in the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep, because you realize that after eating the whole box you just consumed enough calories to last you a lifetime!

If you have not had them, try 'em and after you wake up from your sugar induced coma, let me know how much you love 'em!!


Jeanette said...

I have not tried those yet. They look REALLY good though so I may have to grab them up the next time thru the store. I'm sure I will have to fight to get just two as my family tends to mob and hourd as baked goods come out of the oven.

Thanks for the tip!

Jennifer said...

Your new blog design looks awesome! I have also not tried those cookies, but they look great! We have been busy making party mix and stuff to try and figure out what to make for the holidays this year...

Kim said...

We refer to them as "da bomb" cookies here. They are the best!

Greg C said...

Ok so where can I get my hands on these little goodies? I could use a good sugar high right about now. :)

Great post

Memarie Lane said...

i LOVE those. at halloween the store near me had chocolate ones with orange frosting. have not seen chocolate ones since. :(

Sara@ Butterville said...

I just noticed you stopped by my Tree show off post! So nice to meet you. And you have my little linky! So sweet. I can't WAIT to see all the pretty trees. Do you ever do a live manger with all your animals? Just wondering cause that would be SOMETHING! Does is it show I'm city?

Anonymous said...

Those are some good cookies, but they are super sweet. To me they are anyway. Can't wait for our big visit.

Your sis-n-law

Anonymous said...

even better than finding these at the store is finding them half-price on the day-old rack. My motto is that if it's not full-price, the extra calories disappear.

Anonymous said...

I have never ever craved cookies before...Until I had these...And now I crave them over and over again. I hate store-bought cookies...Accept for these...AMAZINGNESS!!! I would love them every day of my life if I knew it wouldn't kill me but you're right...THIGH-THICKENING!!!
Have a great day!
And if you're having a bad day, eat one of these bad boys and you WILL BE HAVING A MAGNIFICENT day! Everything else will fade away!

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