Wednesday, January 7, 2009


What a week and it is only Wednesday!! Goodness!

I will fill you in on the diet progress, my mood is a little like this....

I am not grumpy because I am not eating, I am just plain grumpy for no real good reason! I have not done terribly, horribly bad in my first three days, but I have not wonderfully, terrifically great either. Maybe if it has not been raining and just plain yucky outside and if I would of went walking like I had planned, I would feel like I have accomplished something. Today it is sunny, but all muddy and slushy and I am just so sleepy, that I can not seem to hold my eyes open.....I know excuses!

The thing about diets, it all in my head. Each morning I have had a piece of fruit or something of nutritional value and an hour or so later, I am starving!! I never eat breakfast and now that I am, I want to eat more! Ughh! I know this diet circle, you need to eat and not skip meals and eat smaller and more frequent meals and snacks. I got that all down, the part that I struggle with is the mental aspect of the diet. Ignore the ice cream that is screaming in the freezer, really ice cream can not talk, and it surly is not begging me to eat it! Trust me, I'm not crazy, it's the diet!

Beside the diet woes, I am just plain tuckered-out. Nothing new has happened, no late nights that may be causing me to be sleepy, I just am!

Maybe it is the Twilight book I'm reading! That must be it. I am not sleeping, well because I am afraid that a vampire is going to suck my blood! Who knows....

Now for some sunshine for this dreary post......Just because it needs it!!


Annette said...

Poor boogies!! Maybe we can try out that new Farkel game and you will have some sunshine in you after I beat you....HeHeHe

I love you

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

I'm right there with you. According to South Beach, you should never eat fruit in the morning because it raises your blood sugar and makes you want more sooner. Stick with eggs and Canadian bacon.

You'r'e reading "Twilight" after my review everyone raved about? More power to you. Let me know what you think.

Chatty Kelly said...

The sun will come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow they'll be sun!!!

Jeanette said...

I am terrible with diets too!

Then a friend told me she was going back to weight watchers. I joined her!

To me it was the only diet I had been on that I could actually eat ANYTHING! Really! I'm sure you know the points system so I won't go into that. I ate chocolate almost everyday (Whitman's & Weight watchers went together to make little 1 & 2 point chocolates) They are yummy and I can't keep my kids from eating all the peanut butter cups :}

Anyway, it worked for me and my friend so it may work for you too. Just a thought (and you know how far and few those can be!)

I'm pulling for you girl!! Try some flavored oatmeal or something that will really fill you up. Fruit is more of a "snack" food and not a meal! I love the Frosted Mini Wheats in blueberry muffin flavor too :} Going to have some right now. Come on over and I'll make you a bowl!!


Greg C said...

Hang in there, you can do it. Try eating something as soon as you wake up but eat more than fruit. You will have all day to burn it off. During the day, eat less and less and you will have nothing in your stomach to burn at night.