After an incident that happened to me in 2018 my life was turned upside down and I found myself hiding, literally hiding in a closet.  I was no longer invested in life and I found myself living in fear, full of anxiety, shame and regret.  

After three years in extensive therapy, one day I took my chaotic thoughts from my head, to my heart down to a blank page in a journal.  That day on, and the days following, I continued writing and that eventually led me to a life where I no longer allowed negative emotions full reign.  

Journaling and doodling allowed me to look at the circumstance that changed my life, create new thoughts and emotions around it which allowed me to take action to get the results I desired to live a life full of purpose and love for myself.

I no longer TRY to live a perfect life
I live a beautiful life!
~Patrice Pugh  

Allow me to help you turn your chaotic thoughts into manageable emotions and learn how to heal your heart from trauma with using purposeful journaling, creativity and mindfulness! 

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