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"After having to testify in court, forced to relive my trauma, I can empower you to find your strength in your difficult situation."

I've walked a challenging path of healing and self-discovery. My journey through trauma has taught me that resilience is within reach and joy can be reclaimed even in the face of adversity.


Living with trauma is far from easy. I once believed I had it under control and had come to terms with my 'new normal.' However, when I was testifying in court and forced to relive my trauma, I quickly realized I wasn't as prepared for this 'new normal' as I once thought."


​Healing from trauma is a journey that for me, was difficult. I knew I needed support, but sharing my deepest feelings was a struggle. My past held so much pain and the future I once imagined, was shattered. How could I possibly express what I'd been through and the depth of my emotions when I could not speak the words.

I never wanted pity, but I craved understanding. I didn't want others to compare my experiences to theirs because my trauma and emotions were uniquely my own.  I felt trapped in my struggle to open up and it led to me withdrawing deep into depression,

accompanied by the overwhelming negativity of guilt and shame.

I was drowning, trapped, withdrawn and I was weighed down with so many negative thoughts to a point where I began to lose hope that I would ever have joy in my life again.  


I decided to challenge myself to 30 days to work through these emotional challenges.  This inspired me to start healing and moving forward. Was it easy? No, but there was a strong sense of determination, a drive that said, "I can do this."  I was then fueled by a burning passion to rediscover the joy I had lost and to embrace life once more. I soon came to understand that this is a journey, not a race, and while I may cross the finish line of life with my share of pain and scars, it would be as a hero who never gave up.


My desire, my passion and my calling is to share with others on how they can work through their tough situations, challenges and trauma, creating a safe space to share thoughts and turn their "I can't" into "I can".  I am excited to share my story of joy and freedom through trauma and to also walk with you through your journey.

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