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Looking for ways to navigate trauma and the holidays?

Healing the Heart:

A Journey of Healing, Joy and Community

Healing the Heart Where Heart Meets Courage and Community.png

Through this online journey, you will embark on a path of healing, resilience and rediscovered joy, with me as your experienced guide and coach, who has personally navigated this path. Join us in finding strength, sharing experiences, and reclaiming joy, even during the holiday season.

Discovering Joy Within:
A Comprehensive 6-Week Journaling Experience

"Discovering Joy Within" is your opportunity to navigate the book,


Journaling Through Emotional Challenges:

30 days of Uncovering Joy

with purpose and support. Together, we'll unlock the book's wisdom, embrace the joy it promises and grow in ways you never thought possible. Join our community and embark on this transformative journey today.

6 week journaling experience.png

Creating the results you want begins with emotional awareness.


Unfortunately, we aren't given a practical, effective emotional education in our modern world.


This is why most people are not living a life of fulfillment with the experiences, growth and contribution they want.


Click here to discover what emotions are trying to tell you in Doodle Your Emotions.

I am excited to share this class,

Doodle Your Emotions - LIVE Series, which will be on November 15-19, 2023 

I, myself took this class in 2021, which ultimately led to me to become Certified through Maritza as a Heartwork Journaling Coach and Instructor. 

For those who sign up for Doodle Your Emotions with the link below, I will be hosting TWO Bonus Meetups!  For those who are not local to the Manchester/Murfreesboro TN area I will host an online meetup and for those who live in the Manchester/Murfreesboro TN area a meetup in person to dive deeper into the Doodle tools!

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