Free 7 Days of Journaling Towards Joy Videos with included worksheets with each video

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Free Lessons
Simple Doodle Lesson


Yes you can!  Click the video to learn how you can use simple doodles to journal your emotions


Student Guide  CLICK HERE

Single Lessons

The BIG 3 - $22.00 USD  

This lesson consists of three mini lessons; Failure is Fertilizer, Comparison-Free Zone and Criticism-Free Zone.  Learn to look at failure differently, how to stop comparisonitis and gain awareness of what self-criticism does to yourself. 

Letters To Fear - $22.00 USD

In this lesson you are going to look at a specific circumstance that is causing you fear.  This lesson will help you understand and create a new relationship with fear so you can objectively look at your fear and be courageous even when fear is present.