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Hello, I'm Patrice, a HeartWork Journaling Coach & Instructor, Art Therapy Practitioner, and Mindfulness Enthusiast. I'm really passionate about helping others heal from past trauma, fear, anxiety and navigate life's challenges through creativity, purposeful journaling and mindfulness activities.

I have seen firsthand the incredible power of self-reflection and creative expression in promoting healing and personal growth. It's amazing how much clarity and insight can come from putting pen to paper or picking up a paintbrush.

As a HeartWork Journaling Coach, I work one-on-one with clients to develop a journaling practice that's tailored to their unique needs and goals. We explore thoughts and emotions together, using writing prompts and mindful techniques to deepen self-awareness and promote healing.

In addition to my work as a journaling coach, I'm also an Art Therapy Practitioner who loves using art and creativity to help my clients process difficult emotions and build self-esteem. It's incredibly rewarding to clients tap into their inner strength and resilience as they create something beautiful.

If you're ready to explore your inner world and tap into your own healing potential, I'd be honored to work with you.

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