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Unlock Your Journey to Healing and Community


                              Welcome to the Healing The Heart Program


                              Navigating the Complexity of Trauma: Healing Together



Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to heal, find joy, and build resilience in your life, especially when dealing with trauma?


Discover the path to healing and resilience through our comprehensive

24-week program. This journey is not just about coping with trauma; it's about reclaiming your life, finding joy and creating a supportive community that understands your experiences.  This program begins at the start of the holiday season, November 30, 2023, offering essential support to help you navigate through the challenging moments.


What You'll Gain:


  • Comprehensive Healing: A 24-week journey designed to help you navigate and heal from trauma, guided by experience of someone who understands your path.

  • Resilience Building: Learn the tools and strategies to not only overcome trauma but emerge stronger, more resilient and ready to embrace life.

  • Community Support: Connect with a group of like-minded individuals who are on the same healing journey. Share, understand and grow together.


The Value of Healing


We understand that investing in your well-being is a significant decision. Healing The Heart is a valuable resource that offers you a path to renewed joy and resilience.


Program Price: $2400 - Black Friday Sale $600 Off!  $1800 through 11/24/2023


  • Pay in full with a one time payment.  Total cost of program is $1800 through 11/24/2023


Payment Plan Available


We want to make this journey accessible to everyone. That's why there is a convenient payment plan:


  • 6 Installments: Break the cost into manageable installments of $500 , making it easier to get started on your healing journey today.

  • Total cost of payment plan option is $3000 - Black Friday Sale $600 Off $2400, Six payments of $400


Your Journey Begins Now


Don't wait to embrace healing, resilience and community. Your journey to a brighter, more empowered future starts today.Last day to enroll is November 26th.


How to Get Started


  • Click the "Enroll Now" button below.

  • Choose the payment plan that suits you: Full Payment or 6 Installments.

  • Complete the registration and secure your spot in our upcoming program.


Join the Community of Healing


Your healing journey begins with a single step. Take that step now and start creating the life you deserve.

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