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Tired of beating yourself up?

Do you think you’re a serial-screw-up?

Have you felt ashamed, small, disappointed in yourself…it’s becuase you have a vicious voice inside your head telling yourself that for most of the day.

How can you stop the noise of constant self-critical banter that you listen to…you’re not good enough, you’re a nobody, you’re a failure…..

Try this instead:

-Look at the circumstance as an observer and not as a participant and offer self-compassion to yourself. Compassion and empathy is a great motivator over the harsh and cruel treatment you give yourself.

-You are the judge and jury of your thoughts. Show the jury and tell the judge that they are being cruel and hateful and tell them that you will love and understand and show kindness to yourself.

-It’s okay to make a mistake or fail but to have total success you have to be okay with allowing those mistake and failures to happen and use those as learning tools and stepping stones to the greater victories, however great or small.

-Reward yourself and take small steps to recognizing and acknowledging victories and stop highlighting your faults.

These simple changes can have huge impacts on stopping the harsh self-critic and beating yourself up to becoming the WARRIOR that you are!

You can do anything you set your mind too and tell yourself that you are a beautiful human being that will make mistakes but will also conquer hard things!

Cultivate love and kindness and stop beating yourself up, YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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