What people are saying

Annette T, Tennessee

Anxiety, worry and paranoia...3 things that once controlled me.  Not anymore, at times, they do creep up here and there but I can literally thanks Chaos to Blessings for showing me how to get them under control!   

Cindy R, Tennessee

We have lots of big emotions at our house right now due to several contributing factors. It was such a blessing to just sit down and redirect our minds to making something that brought us joy.  I highly recommend you taking an emotional and mental break with someone you care about and just create!  

Stevi P, Tennessee

Dealing with fears and anxieties is one of the hardest things to cope with.  Most people tell you to just get over it, but when your mind won't allow you to have eace it makes things worse.  Chaos to Blessings has taught me different ways to cope with my anzieties and has given me a sense of peace.  I am greatful for this programs. 

April S, Texas

Your encouraging words and daily check-ins are a breath of fresh air! It inspires me to believe in myself and find ways to cope and overcome the daily anxiety and  stress that life as a special needs mom can bring!